Thursday, April 1, 2010

Multi-Purpose Wall Art

Since I re-arranged my work area, the walls on that corner seems bland. I couldn't put shelves because I'm not sure if this area will become my permanent work space. I was thinking of a more practical use for the wall and still make it look like art. Here's what I came up with.
I used 4 clipboards that I got for a $1 each at Walmart and used small nails to hang them. Now I use these clipboards as frames and hang anything that I want that can inspire me to be more creative. Either my kid's latest art work, a project I'm working on, a magazine that I can get inspiration from or just a nice scrapbooking paper.

What I like about this wall art is that it doesn't restrict you to a certain look on your wall. It will even be nice if you can do a theme every month or during holidays. I just think it's so cool to have your own inspiration wall!:)

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