Sunday, March 28, 2010

DIY Ribbon Holder

Since I re-arranged my work space I had to organize my craft supplies as well. We got my worksation unit from IKEA. It includes the desk and 2 cabinets. With a growing number of crafting supplies, the cabinets are not enough anymore. I even had to buy a plastic drawers that I can put under my table. I use this drawers to hold most of the supplies that I use often. I want a place where I can easily access those things. 
One of the supplies that I had to really organize are my spool of ribbons. When I started crafting I had a few of them but now I have more than a few. But then how can you resist buying $1 ribbons every time you visit a craft store?!;)
Now that I'm into recycling I wanted to make my own ribbon holder from materials I already have on hand. So I share with you an easy DIY project that you can easily do in less than an hour. :)

Materials you need are:
*old shoe box (the one I used was big enough
to hold 2 rows of ribbons)
*wooden dowel
*assorted scrapbooking or gift wrapping paper
*cutter or exacto knife
*packing tape (optional)

First wrap the shoe box with any printed paper you like. With this project, I didn't wrap my shoe box anymore because I already like the color combination of it. I just covered 2 corners of the box to hide a manufacturer's sticker and to add a little design.
Like I mentioned, the box I used is big enough to hold 2 rows of ribbons so I laid down 2 spools as guide on the side of the box to estimate the distance of the dowels I will be using. Mark them and use an exacto knife or cutter to make a hole. 
Do the same thing on the other side of the box and just make sure that it's aligned to the 1st 2 holes you made on the other side. Pre-cut your dowel to the length of your box and slide it in the holes to fit.

Now the box needs an opening so you can pull through the ribbons. Put the lid on the box and measure it from the edge of the lid about 1/2" to 3/4" x the length of the box less 1/2" both sides. Hmmmm....confusing?!
For example the length of the box is 10", you need to measure and mark 9" leaving 1/2" on both edge of the box.
Cut the line you made to make a slit big enough for the ribbons to pass through. Cover the slits with a packing tape to make the edge smoother and for the ribbons to easily slide out. This part though is optional.

Put all the spool of ribbons that will fit the box and your ribbon holder is done!
This is a fun and easy project to make that will definitely help you organize all your ribbon supplies. One thing I realized though when I was done with this project, one box of ribbon holder is not enough to hold all the ribbons I have!;)

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Little Corner

I'm sure most crafters have their own craft room or area in their homes. Before my youngest was born, I used her room as a guest/craft room. I have a long table and lots of storage space in the cabinet to use. Now I had to downsize my space to a small corner in my kid's play area. I had to give up the room for Lilygirl and it's alot better to do all my crafting where my kids stays most of the day so it's easier for me to watch them.:)
Sometimes I still don't know how I get things done with a 12"x12" workspace. I work on a small area infront of my computer unless I'm sewing. Before I re-arranged my area, I used to sew in our dining table. With so many crafts I do, my table always gets crazy messy in just a few days.
Last week I decided to re-arrange and make the space more workable for me. I wanted to move my sewing machine in the same area so that I don't have to use our dining table. Although most of my paper supplies are still sharing a space in Lily's closet. Wish I could have all my supplies here but a small space won't do.

I couldn't add shelves on the walls because I'm not sure if this will become my permanent work space. Art work will be definitely added to the walls. For now, this area works well for me.
I'm looking forward to making more fun crafts in my little corner.:)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Memory Keepsake

Love for family and life + Love for other things that makes you happy (like crafts!) + Blog = Stored Memories for you to share :))

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose."