Friday, March 26, 2010

My Little Corner

I'm sure most crafters have their own craft room or area in their homes. Before my youngest was born, I used her room as a guest/craft room. I have a long table and lots of storage space in the cabinet to use. Now I had to downsize my space to a small corner in my kid's play area. I had to give up the room for Lilygirl and it's alot better to do all my crafting where my kids stays most of the day so it's easier for me to watch them.:)
Sometimes I still don't know how I get things done with a 12"x12" workspace. I work on a small area infront of my computer unless I'm sewing. Before I re-arranged my area, I used to sew in our dining table. With so many crafts I do, my table always gets crazy messy in just a few days.
Last week I decided to re-arrange and make the space more workable for me. I wanted to move my sewing machine in the same area so that I don't have to use our dining table. Although most of my paper supplies are still sharing a space in Lily's closet. Wish I could have all my supplies here but a small space won't do.

I couldn't add shelves on the walls because I'm not sure if this will become my permanent work space. Art work will be definitely added to the walls. For now, this area works well for me.
I'm looking forward to making more fun crafts in my little corner.:)


  1. I've been thinking of buying a sewing machine but don't know which one to get. I need something that's not too expensive and something that will do all the work since I'm really not into sewing and only need it for basic stuff (e.g. make simple pillow cases, hemming, etc). Which brand would you recommend?

  2. Singer or Kenmore is a good brand. This one I have is a Kenmore Mini Ultra. Super easy to use and it even has 6 types of stitches plus buttonhole. At Sears you can get it for $80 but check Target or Walmart because they might even sell it cheaper.:)

  3. Sweet! Thanks for the tip, crafts queen!