Thursday, April 29, 2010

A cake for Daddy..:)

It was my husband's birthday last Saturday which gave me a reason to bake a cake! The other reason why I opted to make one (instead of buying a yummy ice cream cake from Coldstone) is that I need to practice because I have a cake order in May. 
It's been awhile since the last time I made Marshmallow Fondant and I saw this new recipe online that I just had to try. I also want to make sure how much cake batter I need to make a 10" round cake (2 layers) and 6" (2 layers).
I was looking for a moist, dense cake recipes because it works well for tiered cakes. For Greg's cake, I tried the butter cake recipe I saw on the Wilton website. I found it to be too sweet and turned a bit dry as well. So it's time to try some other recipes to find the best cake.:)
As for the design of Greg's cake, I still didn't have an idea of what to do until I covered the cake with fondant. At first I was going for the design I'm suppose to make for the cake order so that I can actually practice. But I felt that it's so unfair for the birthday boy if I give him a cake that won't actually represent him.
So after I covered the cake, a design came into my mind.
I thought of just making a figure of Greg with the things he and his camera!
I'm not used to making sculptures so I'm so surprised that the the figure turned out ok.:))

The figure is made to look like it's lying on it's tummy because my father-in-law told me that this is Greg's favorite position when he was still a kid while he watches tv.:)
It's a simple cake but made special for our Daddy Greg. Happy Birthday again and we love you!


  1. What a lucky, blessed husband he is to have a loving and uber creative wife like you! The cake is cute and super one of a kind talaga!

  2. Hi Len! I tagged you an award - =)

  3. Hi Stef. Thanks for the tag. I'll post it on my blog later. Still confused how to do it. Hahahaha!:)

  4. wow, this turned out very well len. I love how you made it so personalized for Greg! :-) He's such a lucky guy to have you ;-P

  5. Thanks Tanya. Gave me a chance to practice using fondant again.:)

  6. oh my.. oh my!!! You're a pro!!! ang ganda! and ang galing!!! Belated Happy Birthday to Daddy Greg!

  7. I saw an episode of a new TV show: The Cake Off. Ang galing sobra. I wish I knew how to bake pero mainipin ako e. The first time I made leche flan, kabilin-bilinan wag lalagyan ng tubig yung sa arnibal, di ako nakatiis, nilagyan ko ng tubig :-))