Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crayon cannisters and Art box

So while I'm into organizing my crafting supplies I decided to organize my kid's art supplies too. Paolo and Lily are now fighting over crayons that I have to make 2 separate containers for them. With that I also made an art box for Paolo where he can put all his supplies in one container. It's time to pull my bag of recyclables and craft away!:)
For the crayon cannister I used empty milk cans, printed tissue papers (that was used to wrap some glass bottles I got from a craft store), assorted scrap paper, glue and ribbons.
I started by removing the label from the milk can. I tore pieces of tissue paper so it will be easier to glue it on the can. You can use decoupage glue or you can be "kuripot" (thrifty) like me and just use regular glue and water. I found these glue from the dollar store (2 pcs. for a $1) that I don't need to add water anymore and it has the right consistency. With that, I started gluing the tissue paper to the cans.
As soon as it's dry, I started decorating the cans and added the ribbon as handles.
After I was done with the crayon cannisters, I made an art box for Paolo. Still into recycling so I used a shoe box, more assorted scrap papers, box board, transparency and of course lots of glue. I designed a box that will have a frame on top of the lid that we can put some of Paolo's art work.

I glued assorted paper all over the box and used permanent marker for borders around the paper. It gives a modern look to the box. Instead of using glass for the frame on top of the box, I used transparency. There's an opening to one side of the frame where I can slid Paolo's art work. I added his name for a personal touch.

I liked how the box turned out and wanted one for myself and for Lily too. I need more shoe boxes! That gives me a reason to go shoe shopping.:))


  1. Great job sis! You're very creative talaga!

  2. these are nice len! I made a similar art box for Enzo but I used newspapers, so it took forever to dry! My fault as I made it during the rainy season LOL. For the frame on top of the box, did you need to place additional cardboard so as not to make the frame stick to the box? I made a mistake when I made ours, placing artwork sheets inside the frame was quite difficult because it was tight :-(

  3. It's great that there are nice cans and boxes over there in the U.S.. Here, the containers of kitchen staples are not so nice :-(

  4. hi tanya.:)
    i have so many assorted scrap paper na i don't want to throw away so that's what i used. i was thinking of painting the box but i was too impatient to wait for it to dry.;)
    for the frame, i had to use a 2 layer of cardboard so the art work will have wiggle space to fit.:)
    good thing when greg buys his working boots, it always comes in big and sturdy shoe box.:))